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We Design, Develop and Construct all our projects
with an eye on future.

A Story of Excellence

Since 2005 when Faisal Abdullah Aud Binladen (FAAB) was first founded as a small personal business mainly targeting simple construction jobs, it has always been our strategic target to expand and branch our business in multiple directions, while keeping the focus of supporting the construction industry in Saudi Arabia and the neighboring states.

With branches in all the main cites in Saudi Arabia, we pride ourselves in a very successful track record of completing each and every job we have taken over on  time and within budget.

While many other businesses claim that they are “customer-centric” or embed terms like “customer satisfaction” all over their corporate literature, we at FAAB walk the walk. For every customer that we have dealt with, a mutual success story was created. This was a natural result from our firm belief that a customer’s success is truly our success, regardless of the materialistic benefits. We believe in the intangible value and brand empowerment that we gain with every satisfied customer, and we are not willing to trade those aspects for any monetary profits.

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Our Core Competences

Attention to Detail

We give utmost importance to attention to detail, when it comes to real estate the small details matter a lot. Our main focus in every step of the process is to re-check all the steps repeatedly so that nothing is left unseen.



Once we make a commitment, we firmly stand by it. All of our clients vouch for your commitment to in-time delivery. We value our customers and their time; hence, we always fulfill the promises we make to our clients.



Professionalism is at the core of everything, if this is missing nothing will fall into place. We are absolute professionals at what we do, our team leads are subject matter experts in their respective fields.


Customer Satisfaction

We believe that in an ever changing and competitive construction industry, today’s solution will not be adequate for tomorrow. Therefore, we design, develop and construct all our projects with an eye on future.


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