Pre-Engineering Buildings (PEB)

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) use a combination of built-up sections, hot rolled sections and cold formed elements which provide the basic steel frame work with a choice of single skin sheeting with added insulation or insulated sandwich panels for roofing and wall cladding. The concept is designed to provide a complete building envelope system which is air tight, energy efficient, optimum in weight and cost and, above all, designed to fit user requirement like a well fitted glove.

These Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings can be fitted with different structural accessories including mezzanine floors, canopies, fascia, interior partitions, crane systems etc. The building is made water-tight by use of special mastic beads, filler strips and trims. This is a very versatile building system and can be finished internally to serve any required function and accessorized externally to achieve attractive and distinctive architectural styles. It is most suitable for any low-rise building and offers numerous benefits over conventional buildings.

Advantages of Standing Seam Roofing

  • Easy Future Expansion/Modification
  • Voluminous Space (up to 60 Meters Clear Spans and 30 Meter Heights)
  • Weather & Fire Proof
  • Seismic & Wind Pressure Resistant
  • Quick Delivery and Quick Turn-Key Construction
  • Architectural Versatility
  • Pre-Painted and has Low Maintenance Requirement
  • The Building can be Dismantled and Relocated Easily

Typical Components of PEB

  • Framing System
  • Mezzanine & Crane Systems
  • Building Accessories
  • Sheeting Accessories
  • Type of Fascia
  • Roof Extension, Canopies, and Roof Monitors
  • Other Structural Components


Engineering & Design

  • Full Design of Pre-Engineered Building
  • Approval Drawings and Design Calculation
  • Foundation Design
  • Erection Drawings
  • Bill of Materials

Fabrication & Supply

  • Fabrication Inspection
  • Paint Finish
  • Pre-Shipment Final Inspection
  • Freight to Job Site
  • Unloading at Delivery Destination

Erection & Installation

  • Method Statement
  • Safety Equipment, Ladder and Safety Barricades and Rails.
  • Erection and Lifting Tools
  • Foundation Preparation
  • Erection Consumables

Market Sectors

  • Houses & Living Shelters
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Sport Halls
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Supermarkets
  • Workshops
  • Distribution Centers
  • Commercial Showrooms
  • Office Buildings
  • Labor Camps
  • Petrol Pumps/Service Buildings
  • Schools
  • Community Centers
  • Railway Stations
  • Equipment Housing/Shelters
  • Telecommunication Shelters