Arar Regional Airport

GACA has implemented the new Arar Airport project, in light of the growing demand to accommodate the ever increasing number of travelers and an effort to create new destinations. The project design work has taken into account the environmental dimension and the achievement of integration with all the airport’s functions and services, where the external design forms the letter “Ain” in the Arabic alphabet, which symbolizes the first letter from of the city name.

The airport has been implemented in compliance with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Air Transport Association (IATA). The new terminal can accommodate more than (1,039,000) passengers annually, with an air traffic capacity that can reach 10 thousand flights per annum.

Year : 2016 — Ongoing

Client : Al Joudah Contracting Company

Project Name : Arar Regional Airport

Location : Arar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Type : Airport

Scope : Structural Steel — Space Frame